Internet Security

Navigata Internet Security Solutions

Why hire expensive in-house network security experts? Navigata offers the convenience and security of a professionally installed and managed security solution for applications anywhere from simple Internet-based communications to sophisticated Intranet and Extranet networking.

Navigata Firewall Solutions
Poor network security can wreak havoc on your business. Navigata Communications' network products, together with industry-leading Cisco security products, give you a firewall solution that's best in class.


  • Cisco PIX Firewall Series and Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set technology.
  • Internet-based communications and Intranet / Extranet networking solutions.
  • Customized, scalable solutions to fit your security, throughput, and budgetary needs.
  • Installation, configuration, integration and maintenance by security experts.
  • Highest level of security certification granted.
  • No-fee ongoing maintenance and product updates.


  • A single point of protection at the perimeter of your network.
  • Dedicated and integrated policy enforcement.
  • The convenience and security of a managed firewall solution.


National coverage.


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